ServSafe Allergens

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More than 15 million Americans suffer from illnesses related to food allergies and sensitivities, and this number still keeps increasing every year. As a result, to help the food industry ensure that all staff is fully trained on how to serve customers with special food allergy needs, ServSafe has developed an online food allergy program called ServSafe Allergen. ServSafe Allergen is a test to measure the test takers’ general knowledge of allergens in the food service industry and how to avoid their use in food preparation. 

The 90-minute Allergens course and assessment are offered online and can be finished in around 90 minutes. Candidates must pass a test after completing the ServSafe Allergens course before officially being permitted to work as professional staff in any facility or restaurant.  The topics covered in the course as well as the test include defining food allergies, recognizing symptoms, identifying allergens, dangers of cross-contact, and proper cleaning methods. 

Here on this page, we provide you with the most updated ServSafe allergens practice test questions on the ServSafe Allergen Assessment test that you will have to get over at the end of the online course so that you will be able to successfully accomplish the ServSafe Allergen Program and obtain a certificate. We believe that with our resources, the effectiveness of your preparation for the upcoming test will be dramatically improved.