ServSafe Alcohol

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When it comes to serving alcohol, there are numerous risks that other occupations do not often run into. This is also the reason why bartenders are frequently required to receive training and obtain certification. Among all kinds of programs, ServSafe Alcohol Certification is required by many states and local authorities. It prepares all front-of-house staff ranging from bartenders, servers, and hosts to bouncers the ability to deal with difficult situations happening in their operation in a safe and effective manner. They will have the option of taking either the ServSafe Alcohol Primary or the ServSafe Alcohol Advanced exam

To differentiate these two types of tests, first, the ServSafe Alcohol Primary directly uses the course materials as the basis. The aim of this exam is to assess your fundamental understanding of responsibly serving alcohol. On the other hand,  the ServSafe Alcohol Advanced exam is more detailed. It gauges your proficiency in responsible alcohol serving by giving you real-life situations and asking you how they should be handled.

For further information, there are 40 questions on the ServSafe Alcohol Primary exam and 70 questions on the ServSafe Alcohol Advanced exam. Even though the advanced exam has 70 questions, only 60 of them count for your mark. The other 10 questions will be used as “pilot questions” to determine whether they should be used in future exams or not. Both types of exams are set in multiple-choice questions with four alternative answers: A, B, C, or D. Both of the exams are not under time pressure, but you should give yourself about 2 hours to accomplish them. You must correctly answer at least 30 out of 40 questions to pass the ServSafe Alcohol Primary exam, which is a minimum score of 75%. For the ServSafe Alcohol Advanced exam, at least 48 of the 60 graded questions must be correctly answered, which is a score of at least 80%.

Our free ServSafe Alcohol Primary and ServSafe Alcohol Advanced practice exams furnish you with an opportunity to assess how well you have prepared for the actual tests, thereby being able to focus on the areas that still need further work. As you take more and more of our ServSafe alcohol practice tests, you will get used to the format of the real tests. There won’t be any shocks when the test day arrives anymore. Please come back and check frequently, as we will be adding more practice tests on a regular basis.