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Which is TRUE in relation to criminal and civil liability?

A Criminal liability is being held responsible for committing a crime, while civil liability is being responsible for payment of damages.

Criminal liability refers to the legal responsibility an individual faces for committing a crime. It involves actions that are considered offenses against society and can result in penalties such as fines, probation, or imprisonment. The purpose of criminal liability is to punish the offender and maintain public order.
On the other hand, civil liability pertains to the legal responsibility for causing harm or damage to another party. It typically arises from civil lawsuits filed by individuals or entities seeking compensation for injuries, property damage, or financial losses. In civil cases, the focus is on resolving disputes and providing remedies, often in the form of monetary damages, to the injured party.
While criminal liability can lead to a prison sentence, civil liability primarily involves the payment of damages to the affected party rather than imprisonment. It's important to note that the concepts and consequences of criminal and civil liability can vary based on the jurisdiction and specific laws involved.

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