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When cooking a T-bone steak, where should you insert a penetration probe thermometer to check it's temperature?

A In the thickest part of the meat

Cooking temperatures need to be taken from the center of the food. This is because the inner parts take longer to heat up than the outer parts. ServSafe uses the term "internal cooking temperature" instead of simply "cooking temperature" to emphasize the importance of this concept. The best place to take the internal temperature of any piece of meat is in the thickest parts because it's closest to the center. And you should always take the temperature from at least 2 different locations of the meat. When cooking any kind of food, the internal temperature should be taken from the center, not just meats. But foods that are already cooked and are being hot-held for service are different. Hot-held foods should have their temperatures taken from BOTH the center and near the surface. This is because the surface is exposed to cooler room temperatures.