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What is the best approach to dealing with pests?

A All of these.

Prevention is critical when dealing with pests because once there is an infestation, it can be difficult to deal with. Deny pests access to the operation. Pests can enter the establishment with deliveries. Inspect all packages for signs of pests. Chewing, nesting debris, insect parts (wings, legs) and feces are signs of pests. If signs of pests are found, the delivery should be rejected. Holes in the wall or ceiling should be repaired quickly. Windows and vents should be covered with screens. Install self-closing doors or air-curtains. An "air-curtain" is large fans installed above and below the entryway creating a blast of wind that people can walk through but flying insects cannot fly through. Deny pests' food, water and shelter by throwing out garbage often. Store recyclables in clean pest-proof containers. Clean up spills quickly and do not allow water to accumulate on floors or in sinks, etc. Always work with a licensed pest control operator (PCO) if an infestation is suspected. Poisonous or toxic materials should only be applied by a certified applicator.

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