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The "Temperature Danger Zone" refers to which range of temperatures?

A 41°F - 135°F.

All foods naturally contain pathogens. Some of these pathogens are harmful to humans when ingested. Our bodies can tolerate low levels of pathogens without getting sick. But if the levels are high, then our immune system cannot defend against them. This is why we must keep the levels as low as possible.
Science has determined that the pathogens which cause foodborne illness thrive and rapidly multiply to high levels between the temperatures of 70°F and 125°F. It has also been determined that their rate of multiplying is significantly reduced outside the temperature range of 41°F and 135°F. The "Temperature Danger Zone" is between 41°F and 135°F. Inside this temperature range, pathogens can multiply. But outside this temperature range, their ability to multiply is significantly reduced. This is why we store foods either hot or cold until they are served.

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