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If a TCS food will be hot-held for service, what is the minimum internal temperature that this food must maintain while being held?

A 135°F

Explanation: TCS food that is being hot-held for service should maintain a temperature of at least 135°F. And if the food falls below 135°F for 4 hours or more, it should be thrown out.Your operation should establish policies to check the temperature of hot-held foods at least every 4 hours. And if after checking the food every 4 hours it's found to be below 135°F it should be thrown out. This is because the food could have been below 135°F for the entire 4 hours.But if your operation chooses to check the temperature every 2 hours and it's found to be below 135°F, there is time for corrective action. The food could be quickly reheated back to 135°F and still be safe to eat.