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Foods should be stored so that those requiring a higher internal cooking temperature are on the lower shelves. This is to prevent cross-contamination if foods on the top shelf drip or leak onto the foods stored below it. From top to bottom, which is a correct storage arrangement?

A (1)Ready-to-eat food (2)Seafood (3)Whole cuts of beef or pork (4)Ground meats (5)Whole and ground poultry

Explanation: This question (or a similar question) appears often on the ServSafe Manager exam. It appears so often because it's important to store foods in this manner, and also because it requires memorization of the proper cooking temperatures for different foods. Students should take the time to memorize this storage arrangement. Ready to eat foods will not receive further cooking so they should be on the top shelf. This way other foods cannot drip or leak onto them. The bottom shelf should be used to store foods that require the highest temperatures for cooking, such as poultry. The middle shelves should be arranged in a similar fashion. As you can see, this is an important question that is worth extra attention.



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