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January 1, 2022


ServSafe Allergen is a test of general knowledge of allergens in the foodservice industry and how to prevent them in food preparation. After completing a ServSafe Allergens course, candidates are required to take this test before officially being allowed to work as professional staff in every facility/restaurant.

The ServSafe Allergens test includes 90 questions that cover a wide range of related topics such as identifying allergens, methods of preventing food allergen and cross-contact, the importance of food labels, and method of communication with the guest… We don’t have any approximate data of the exact rate of redress answers that are required to pass this test. There are no special prerequisites for the course, in any case, so anyone is able to take it if possible.

Examples of ServSafe Allergen Exam

ServSafe Allergen
ServSafe Allergen


Question 1: What is a food allergy?

A. A minor condition that results in some discomfort.

B. In case the immune system responds to under-quality food.

C. When the immune system labels harmful proteins is toxic.

D. When the immune system mistakenly labels a harmless protein as toxic.

Answer: D

Explanation: Food allergies are when the immune system mistakenly labels a harmless protein as toxic, then attacks it. The immune system’s job is to protect the body from foreign pathogens. During an allergic reaction, the immune system believes that a harmless food protein, or allergen, is toxic to the body and attempts to destroy it.

Question 2: Monica is experiencing nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain after eating dairy products. She is most likely experiencing:

A. Lactose intolerance.

B. Anaphylaxis.

C. Seasonal pollen allergies.

D. Anxiety.

Answer: A

Explanation: Monica’s nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain could mean she is experiencing lactose intolerance. A milk allergy may have symptoms like hives, itching, swelling, and wheezing. However, lactose intolerance is not the same as an allergy because it does not affect the immune system. By lacking the enzyme “lactase,” a lactose intolerant person is unable to break down the sugar found in dairy products.

Question 3: Which is an example of food intolerance?

A. Dairy allergy.

B. Celiac disease.

C. None of the above.

D. Both A and B.

Answer: C

Explanation: Neither dairy allergy nor celiac disease is examples of food intolerance. Food intolerance is unlike an allergy because it does not affect the immune system. While food intolerances do have some similar symptoms as a food allergy, they are much less severe and cannot result in anaphylaxis. Food intolerances are often uncomfortable, but not fatal.

Question 4: True or False. Both cross-contact and cross-contamination have the same meaning.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Explanation: Cross-contact and cross-contamination are separate things. These two terms are still frequently misused or used interchangeably. Cross-contamination is the most popular culprit behind foodborne illnesses. Cross-contact is when two foods touch and mix proteins. In this way, cross-contact may cause allergens to be passed between foods.

Question 5: What information should a server include on the ticket of a guest with a food allergy?

A. The time the order was made

B. The number of people at the party

C. The guest’s name

D. The date

Answer: C

Explanation: A server should include the name of the guest with a food allergy on the ticket.In circumstances where the server that takes the order is not the person delivering it to a guest, having the guest’s name ensures the person gets their correct meal. Another method for identifying the correct allergen special order is a color-coding system where allergen orders are put on a different colored plate.

Question 6: In case a designated person is responsible for assisting a guest with a food allergy, what is that person’s detailed task?

A. To take the guest’s order, cook the order; add appropriate garnishes, sides, and sauces; and take the correct plate to the right guest without any cross-contact.

B. To take the guest’s order.

C. To take the guest’s order, communicate it to the chef, and take the correct plate to the right guest without any cross-contact.

D. To add garnishes before serving the order.

Answer: C

Explanation: It is the designated person’s job to take the guest’s order, communicate it to the chef, and take the correct plate to the right guest without cross-contact. The purpose of the designated person is to ensure that the guest with a food allergy gets his/her correct order. By using the method of carefully checking each step during the whole process, it is possible that a designated person will get the order correctly than it would be if multiple employees were involved.

Question 7: If cross-contact occurs and is caught by staff before the dish goes to the guest, what should be done about it?

A. Depending on the severity of the contact, the food may be okay to serve to the guest.

B. The food should be discarded and remade.

C. The manager should be contacted immediately.

D. The chef should be contacted immediately.

Answer: B

Explanation: If cross-contact occurs, the food should be discarded and remade. Any amount of cross-contact could transfer enough food protein to trigger an allergic reaction. In all circumstances, the guest’s safety comes before the inconvenience of recooking their order.

Question 8: Which of the following is a symptom of an allergic reaction?

A. Hives

B. Dizziness

C. Fatigue

D. All of the above

Answer: A

Explanation: Hives are a symptom of allergic reaction. Hives are considered a mild symptom of an allergic reaction and are not fatal. These red, itchy, swollen patches of skin can break out anywhere on the body.

Question 9: What should the person delivering the allergen special order do at pickup?

A. Add garnishes and sauces.

B. Find the original server to deliver the allergen special order.

C. Confirm that it is the allergen special order.

D. Chat with the chef about the order.

Answer: C

Explanation: At pickup, the person delivering the allergen special order should confirm that it is the correct meal. Verbally confirming that this is an allergen special order is the final check before serving an order to a guest. The order should then be delivered by hand to the right guest.

Question 10: Which of the following is NOT a symptom of an allergic reaction?

A. Migraine

B. Itchy rashes

C. Abdominal pain

D. Swelling

Answer: A

Explanation: Migraines are NOT a symptom of an allergic reaction. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can be as mild as an odd taste in the mouth or as severe as anaphylaxis. Itchy rashes, hives, abdominal pain, and swelling are all examples of mild allergy symptoms.

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Where to take the ServSafe Allergen Practice Test?

ServSafe Allergen
ServSafe Allergen


Our Free ServSafe Practice Test is a completely free and easy to access platform/browser that can provide the test takers with the unique ServSafe Practice Test service and training program. The ServSafe associated questions, as well as tests, have witnessed a careful collecting process by the professors in this field. They are also completed based on the genuine SERVSAFE test organization.

To be more specific, The ServSafe Allergens programs are designed and created by the National Restaurant Association’s Learning and Development team. These programs are made with the assistance of specialists from the foodservice industry, the scholarly world, and administrative organizations. They are responsible for reflecting the current investigation and science in nourishment security and adjusting with the most up-to-date FDA Food Code.

The directions plan group behind the ServSafe Allergens programs has profound industry information as well as comprehensive information of guidelines plan hypothesis, current instructive inquire about, and patterns in creating compelling learning. The improvement of the ServSafe Nourishment Handler and ServSafe Allergens courses would not be conceivable without the assistance of numerous other individuals of the Learning and Advancement Group. This incorporates those who shoot and coordinate video, outline, alter, record sound, and construct these courses.

To be able to access and complete the Free ServSafe Practice Test 2021, you only need to register simply through some basic personal information. Next, choose the test areas you want and experiment with them. By trying these tests, you can not only get familiar with the format and common exam patterns but the Free ServSafe Practice Test 2021 also provides you with effective solutions. 

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FAQs about ServSafe Allergens 

How does the ServSafe Allergens Course work?

First, it is necessary for all the test takers of the Allergen Certification to purchase the Allergen Training Course. As long as you have purchased the course, you are required to launch it and take a view of the whole course. At the end of the Allergen course, you have the right to choose between taking the Assessment right away or taking this Assessment at another time when you’re free. Especially, you are given unlimited opportunities to take and pass the Allergen

Assessment, until your Allergen Training Course expires. Once you have passed the Allergen Assessment, you are able to download your certificate from the website right away. It is also important for you to have the Course Access Key in order to take the Allergen Assessment.

Can the ServSafe Allergen online courses expire?

Yes. Unused ServSafe Allergen online courses are substantial for one year from the date of purchase. After a course has elapsed, the test takers will not be able to get to that course. An unused one will be acquired. Online courses are not refundable and close dates cannot be extended.

Is food allergen training required in the test?

At this time, allergen preparation is deliberate in many states (we recommend you to check along with your state or nearby board of wellbeing for the foremost up-to-date prerequisites). Be that as it may, there are numerous benefits to being prepared and learned in nourishing hypersensitivity mindfulness, combining:

  • Increasing income by serving an unused client base
  • Protecting your brand from terrible exposure due to a customer’s unfavorably susceptible reaction
  • employees.

By which method can I buy the ServSafe Allergens Online Course and Assessment?

It is possible for you to buy the Allergen Training Course in the ServSafe product catalog. If you have any problems in the purchasing process, don’t forget to contact the customer support team.

How can I access the ServSafe Allergens Online Course and Assessment?

As long as the ServSafeAllergens Online Course and Assessment has been purchased by the test-takers, it is possible for you to access the Course Management. Let’s click on the Students tab before taking the ServSafe Allergens Online Course. Keep in mind that a User Identification Card (ID) and Password for are always required by the organizers. In case you don’t have any of them, select “Create New Profile” to create the new one.

How long does the ServSafe Allergens Online Course take?

The ServSafe Allergens Online Course can take around 90 minutes.

What are the suggested technical specifications for the ServSafe Allergens Online Course?

The suggested technical specifications for the ServSafe Allergens Online Course combine the following:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 2.0 or higher applications
  • Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher applications
  • Enabled sound cards

I want to apply for credit with the National Restaurant Association, how can I do that?

If you want to apply for credit with the National Restaurant Association, you can go to the credit application page to learn more about our eligibility requirements and terms & conditions.

What is the Non-Discrimination Policy that is launched by the National Restaurant Association?

In all of its programs and activities, the National Restaurant Association and its affiliated organizations, including the National Restaurant Association Solutions, prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, gender, religion, age, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other category under applicable law.

Does the ServSafe Allergens Online Course have any related exams?

Yes, there’s an Appraisal simply taken at the conclusion of the course. Once you pass the Evaluation, you’ll be able to download your certificate specifically from the website.

What is the location of my Course Access Key?

Your Course Access Key may be found under My Courses under Course Management. Under the course name, you’ll notice your Course Access Key. You may also check the Course Access Key and any other information linked to your course by clicking the Details button for the particular course. Your Course Access Key will be delivered to the email address that the Administrator used to assign you the course if you were assigned a course by email. Your course will be in your account if you were issued one by your ServSafe User ID.

Can the ServSafe Allergens Online Course and Assessment expire?

You’ve got one year from the date of buy to start or allot a course. Once the course has begun, you’ll have 90 days to total the course and pass the Appraisal.

How can test takers receive the ServSafe Allergens Certificate?

After you pass the ServSafe Allergens Course, the certification is possible to be downloaded and printed from the website. Test takers who have a valid ServSafe certificate are able to download or print an eCertificate. To print the certificate, go to and choose the “Download certificate” option under the Certificates tab. For a $10 charge, you may have a certificate shipped to you directly by the US Postal Service.

How long is the ServSafe Allergens Certificate valid?

The validity of The ServSafe Allergen Certificate is exactly 3 years.

Read more in detail at How long is ServSafe good for?

By which method can I report a security violation during a ServSafe Allergen exam?

Any event that might jeopardize the exam’s security ought to be detailed as a potential infringement. This incorporates, but isn’t constrained to, test or test substance robbery, mystery data conveyance or deal, test extortion, cheating, certificate misrepresentation, and so on. You can contact the Service Center to report a violation and ask for support.

Can I get notified when the ServSafe Allergen course is set to end?

Before the course terminates, a test taker who is enlisted in it’ll get two different email alarms. The primary take note will arrive approximately 10 days before the expiry date. The final and moment notice will be sent out two days before the close date. 45 days before course lapses. Unassigned courses, relegated courses, and unused Course Access Keys that are set to run out will all be tended to within the take note.

How can I keep track of my progress throughout the ServSafe Allergen course?

The progress and course status highlight keeping track of your online course advance. The course status is “in advance” once you begin it, and it is changed to “completed” when the course is completed.

If the test is not designed in my mother tongue, how can I take it?

You’ll utilize an English dictionary amid the exam if the exam isn’t available in your mother tongue. You’ll be able moreover to let your instructor know about the issue before the lesson and inquire them to fill out the form of Request for Exam Accommodation to receive more support.

How are complaints about administrative problems which are not related to tests or certificate appeals resolved?

The Service Center will attempt to resolve all regulatory complaints gotten almost the legitimacy, constancy, security, or keenness of the National Restaurant Association Solutions Certification Examination Program as rapidly as conceivable (within 1 month). During this period of time, the division will attempt to resolve complaints. Exam offers and certificate repudiations and offers are not included. You’ve got 30 calendar days after submitting your complaint to contact the Service Center to ask approximately the status or result of your complaint.

Above is the most up-to-date information about the ServSafe Allergen Online Course and Practice test. Hope that these pieces of information can help you in better preparation for this exam. To download, visit our website for your IOS or Android device.