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Which type of pathogen is NOT normally destroyed by freezing or cooking and must be prevented through good personal hygiene?

A Viruses.

Most pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites can easily be killed with high temperatures. But some viruses cannot. Viruses can be spread through food just like other pathogens, but cooking does not always kill it. This is another reason why food handlers must practice good personal hygiene and proper cleaning and sanitizing methods. Most of the responsibility of preventing viruses from entering the food supply begins with the producers of food. Livestock and produce farmers, as well as the processing facilities for them, are heavily monitored and inspected. They are the first line of defense against viruses. It is very important that your establishment purchases food from reputable suppliers for this reason. But even if your supplies come from excellent sources, a careless employee can easily spread viruses by not practicing good personal hygiene.

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