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Which of the following would require obtaining a "variance" from your regulatory authority?

A Offering live shellfish from a display tank.

A variance is a document issued by your regulatory authority that allows a regulatory requirement to be waived or changed. You will need a variance if your operation plans to prep food in any of the following ways:
• Offering live shellfish from a display tank.
• Smoking food as a way to preserve it (but not to enhance flavor).
• Packaging fresh juice on-site for sale at a later time, unless the juice has a warning label that complies with local regulations.
• Using food additives or adding components such as vinegar to preserve or alter the food so that it no longer needs time and temperature control for safety.
• Curing food.
• Custom-processing animals for personal use. For example, a hunter brings a deer to a restaurant for dressing and takes the meat home for later use.
• Packaging food using a reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) method. This includes MAP, vacuum-packed, and sous vide food.
• Sprouting seeds or beans.
When applying for a variance, your regulatory authority may require you to submit a HACCP plan. The HACCP plan must account for any food safety risks related to the way you plan to prep the food item. You must comply with the HACCP Plan and procedures submitted. You must maintain and provide records requested by the regulatory authority which show that you are regularly:
– Following procedures for monitoring Critical Control Points.
– Monitoring the Critical Control Points.
– Verifying the effectiveness of the operation or process.
– Taking the necessary corrective actions if there is a failure at a critical control point.

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