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Which of the following is considered a common risk factor that may lead to foodborne illness?

A All of these are common risk factors

Explanation: The four most common causes of foodborne illness are time-temperature abuse, cross-contamination, poor personal hygiene, and, poor cleaning/sanitizing. Time-temperature abuse occurs when foods are left in temperatures that allow microorganisms to grow and reproduce rapidly. Or when raw foods are not cooked to high enough temperatures to kill the microorganisms already within them. Cross-contamination occurs when safe food comes into contact with something that is contaminated. Or when food that requires low-temperature cooking comes into contact with food that requires high-temperature cooking. Cross-contamination can also occur indirectly, such as using the same cutting board or utensils to chop vegetables and to carve poultry. Good personal hygiene is basically a way of preventing cross-contamination or the spread of viruses from a sick person into the food. Cleaning and sanitizing are important steps in dealing with both cross-contamination and poor personal hygiene. It is important to purchase food from sources that also follow good safe food handling practices.



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