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Which of the following is an acceptable method for cooling hot TCS food before storage?

A In an ice-water bath.

Coolers and freezers are not designed to cool food quickly. All hot TCS food should be cooled before storage. If a pot of hot chili is placed in the cooler, it could take several hours to cool down to 41°F or lower. And during that time, it is likely to have been in the temperature danger zone for too long. Also, hot food could raise the temperature of the entire cooler/freezer and put all of the food inside at risk. Especially the foods stored near it. Here are some acceptable methods for cooling food:
• Separate the food into smaller containers and place the containers in an ice-water bath. Stirring occasionally will speed up the cooling process.
• An ice paddle is a hollow plastic paddle that can be filled with water and frozen. The paddle can be used to stir a large pot and cool it quickly.
• Use ice or ice water as an ingredient for soups or stews. Plan ahead and use less water than the recipe calls for. Then add ice or ice water as the last step before storage.
• A blast chiller is designed to cool large amounts of food quickly by blasting cold air across it. But most operations are not equipped with this device.

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