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Which is an example of a physical contaminant?

A Bones in chili.

There are three types of contaminants that can enter food: physical, biological, and chemical.
- A physical contaminant refers to things such as glass, dirt, and food packaging. Or anything else that can accidentally enter the food. Bones can also be a physical contaminant if they are in foods where they are not expected, such as soups, stews or chili. It is important to be aware of physical contaminants. Be sure that packaging is completely removed from foods. Light fixtures near food should be protected so that in the event that a bulb should break, the glass does not fall into food.
- A biological contaminant refers to certain fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Some plants, mushrooms, and kinds of seafood can also produce toxins (poison) that are harmful to humans.
- A chemical contaminant refers to things such as cleaners, polishes, and sanitizers.

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