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Where should the scoop for the ice machine be stored between uses?

A In a protected and designated location.

Ice deserves consideration because its safety risks are often overlooked. Ice has 2 purposes in a foodservice operation: it can be used as an ingredient in foods/beverages and also to cool food. Although ice is used in different ways, it often comes from the same ice machine. The biggest risk with ice is cross-contamination.
Freezing temperatures do NOT kill pathogens. The ice machine and ice scoop need to be clean and protected. Ice used to cool foods/beverages should not be reused as an ingredient in foods/beverages. In most cases, ice should only be used for one purpose and then thrown out. Ice used for raw foods should not be reused for ready-to-eat foods. Likewise, ice for raw foods that require a higher cooking temperature should not be reused for raw foods that require a lower cooking temperature.

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