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What is the first step when cleaning and sanitizing stationary equipment?

A Unplug the equipment.

Equipment manufacturers will usually provide instructions for cleaning and sanitizing stationary equipment such as a slicer or mixer. Typically, you should follow these steps:
1) Unplug the equipment.
2) Take off the removable parts and wash, rinse and sanitize them by hand or in a dishwasher if approved by the manufacturer.
3) Scrape to remove food and other particles from the equipment surfaces.
4) Wash the surfaces with an appropriate cleaning solution using a tool such as a cloth towel, nylon brush, or abrasive pad.
5) Rinse the surfaces with clean water using a cloth towel or other appropriate tool.
6) Sanitize all surfaces with the correct sanitizing solution according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
7) Allow all surfaces to completely air-dry then reassemble the equipment.

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