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Using color-coded cutting boards and utensils is an effective strategy to help prevent what?

A Cross-contamination

Explanation: Cross-contamination is one of the biggest challenges to preventing foodborne illness. Here's a simple explanation of cross-contamination. It can occur in any of these scenarios: 1) Something that is dirty touches something that is clean. 2) Raw food that requires a lower temperature for cooking touches raw food that requires a higher temperature of cooking. 3) Raw food touches ready to eat food. 4) Food containing an allergen touches food that does not contain an allergen. 5) Any of the above examples also apply if a person or object touches one of them and then the same person or object touches another one of them (without being cleaned and sanitized between contact). Color-coded cutting boards and utensils help to prevent #5 from occurring. A common mistake is using the same cutting board or utensils on foods that should not come into contact with each other. It is wise for a food service establishment to have separate cutting boards and utensils for each type of food. These should be color-coded so that one color is only used for poultry, while another color is only used for ground meats, and so on.



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