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An "immersion probe thermometer" is used for checking the temperature of what?

A The temperature of liquids such as soups, sauces, and frying oil

Explanation: Probed thermometers are the most common and effective type of thermometers for a foodservice operation. A probed thermometer is characterized by a long, pointy stem which is the sensing area. There are 4 types of probed thermometers, they are: 1) Immersion probes. These are used to take the temperature of liquids, like soups and frying oil. 2) Bimetallic Stemmed Thermometer. These are the most common of all food thermometers. Every foodservice establishment should have several of them. Although they can be used for many things, they are best for taking the temperature of thick foods. 2) Surface Probes. These are used to take the temperature of flat surfaces, like a griddle. 3) Penetration Probes. These are used to take the temperature of thin foods, like hamburger patties or fish fillets. 4) Air Probes. These are used to take the air temperature of coolers and ovens.

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