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A person who is losing their train of thought is demonstrating what sign of intoxication?

A Slowed reaction time.

Intoxication can affect cognitive functions, including the ability to think clearly, concentrate, and maintain a coherent train of thought. Slowed reaction time is a common effect of alcohol and certain drugs on the central nervous system.
When a person is intoxicated, their brain function becomes impaired, leading to a delay in processing information and responding to stimuli. This can manifest as difficulty in following a conversation, having a scattered or disjointed thought process, and experiencing gaps in memory or recall.
Impaired judgment, impaired motor coordination, and relaxed inhibitions are also common signs of intoxication but are not directly related to the specific symptom of losing one's train of thought. It's worth noting that the effects of intoxication can vary depending on the substance consumed and the individual's tolerance and metabolism.

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